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Pneumatic Grease Pump Trolley Mounted :
This is Pneumatic Operated mobile lubrication equipment, efficient in operation & easily maneuverable. This is most durable & precise Pneumatic Grease Pump for easy High Pressure Lubrication

Standard. Accessories

  • ‘Z’ Swivel assembly at end of the hose                             
  • Mobile Drum with cover locking assembly
  • Trigger Type grease control gun
  • Pressure Plate
  • 2.2.Mtr long H.P.Hose
Hand Grease Pump :
This is hand operated mobile grease pump, specially intended for use with Heavy Thick Grease. The equipment is suitable to perform greasing operation at remote sites & work places where air power is not available.

Standard Accessories

  • 2.2mtr long H.P.Hose
  • Swivel Assembly at end of the hose
  • Mobile Drum with cover locking assembly
  • Pressure Plate
Grease Volume Pump :
This is hand operated grease dispensing Unit suitable for self collapsible type soft grease only. The container is oval in shape for convenience in carring & a foot is incorporated to steady the equipment when in use.           

Standard Accessories

  • Swivel assembly at end of the hose
  • 1.5mtr long H.P.Hose
  • Hydraulic Adaptor
Hand Operated Grease Guns:

Type Heavy Duty Export Quality Spring Loaded Grease Gun with Rigid Tube & Hydraulic Connector, Cap - 1/2kg, Pressure - 10,000 PSI
Auotmatic Grease Feeder  :
This is automatic Grease Feeder with Metal alloy base & Polycarbonater dome. VIJAY Grease Feeders have only 3 moving parts (spring, piston, ‘o’ ring) When grease is filled in the reservoir the compressed spring exerts balance pressure on the piston connected to the metering rod. Taper in the groove of metering rod causes change in discharges oriface area proportional to the decreasing spring pressure, thus a constant discharge pressure is maintained.          
Pneumatic Grease Pump (200kg) :
This air operated Grease transfer pump can be directly mounted on a standrd 200kg barel of grease. This pumpe is also available with pressure plate & drum cover the pump can deliver 300-400gm of grease per stroke. The hose reel can be connected to the deliver side of the unit if required.                              
Grease Nipples :

Grease Nipples are mainly available in M.S., Brass & S.S. Quality.
Grease Gun Accessories (Adaptors & Pipes)  :

1] Cat No. H 6304 B – For Straight & Bent Hydraulic Grease Nipple, with three internal Jaws
2] Cat No. N 42030 -  For Tat & Industrial Round (Button) Head Grease Nipple mainly use with H.P. Flexible Hose
3] Cat No. 304300 – For Giant Button Head Grease Nipple
4] Cat No. F 441 – For Push Type Grease Gun suitable for cancave Tip Nipples
5] Cat No. T 4014 – For Conical tipped & Hydraulic Nipples
6] Cat No. L 4446 – For Bayonet Pin Type Grease Nipple
7] Special Pointed Nozzle
8] Rocket Type Nozzle
9] Bent Type Nozzle

Grease Pipes

1] Cat No. RT 4113   Rigid Delivery Tube
2] Cat No. FP 909    High Pressure Flexible Grease Hose, Size – 12” Long / 18” Long
Grease Cups  :  

No.      Threading                       
1.          1/8”BSP
2.          1/8”BSP & 1/4”BSP
3.          1/8”BSP & 1/4”BSP / 3/8”BSW & 1/2”BSW
4.          1/8”BSP & 1/4”BSP / 3/8”BSW & 1/2”BSW
5.          1/4”BSP
6.          1/4”BSP
7.          3/8”BSP
8.          3/8”BSP

Notes  :-  Moto Type (One Piece) Grease Cups also available.