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Multioutlet Radial Grease Pump:
This grease Lubricating unit is for use with either soft grease or heavy oil. It is ideal for lubricating machinery which required regular shots of grease, of a predetermined quantity forced into each individual bearing under pressure, this ensuring positive & accurate Lubrication. The basic pump has 9kg Capacity. They can be supplied separately for customer who wishes to provide their own mounting & drives. This can also be mounted on a base plate, with reduction gearbox, coupling & with or without electric motor.
Dual Line Hand Grease Pump:
This is a plunger type grease pump, manually operated by lever the pump body houses a 4way spool type direction control valve, which directs the grease alternately to the two outlets. The end of each greasing cycle is indicated by rise in pressure in the pressure gauge mounted on the pump body.
Dose Feeders :
They are dual line adjustable measuring valve blocks employed in the centralized two-line grease lubrication systems to deliver measured quantity of lubricants to the bearing points under system pressure these are mounted across the 2 lines & the outlets are connected to the bearing points by means of suitable pipe line.
Grease Filter :
Line mounted grease filers are designed for removing mechanical impurities from grease delivered to the system at high pressure.
Single Line Hand Grease Pump  :
This pump sucks the grease through suction port by pulling the handle maximum out & eject determined amount of grease under pressure when the handle is pushed back. These pumps are wall mounted & should be installed in vertical position.

Single Line Automatic Grease Pump :
This Grease Pump consists of Reciprocating motor driven plunger pump with inbuilt gear box. The pump incorporates a large grease reservoir with a follower plate & tell table rod. Limit switch is provided on the top of the reservoir to indicate full & empty level of grease.
Progressive Blocks :
Progressive block with one inlet & number of outlets is a hydraulic valve in block form which divides in going grease in equal metered amount with the help of plunger pins moving to & from in the controller holes of the segments. With the input grease pressure, piston pins move to one side in sequence ejecting metered amount of grease. When passage is clear from last to the first outlet, cycle is repeated. Outlets from progressive block must be connected with lubrication points. Do not block any outlet of progressive block. It will stop working in case of choking of any lubrication points. To get the indication, on of the plungers is extended out. When this plunger moves, the indication pin can be visualized which ensures the working of the block. Electric sensing can also be monitored by providing proximity switch in the block.

Dual Line Motorised Grease Pump : 
This grease system consists of reciprocating motor driven plunger pump with inbuilt gear box. The pump incorporates a large grease reservoir with a heavy follower plate & tell tale rod. Limit switch is provided on the top of reservoir to indicate full & empty level of grease the pump outlet connected to direction control valve the whole system is controller with electric control panel.