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Motorised Oil Pump :
This motorized lubrication units are electric motor driven pumps with reservoir, oil filter, breather, suction strainer, pressure relief valve etc. These units are suitable for single shot automatic oil lubrication when connected with metering cartridges, manifolds, fittings & tubing’s.
Hand Operated Oil Pump :
This is hand operated single shot oil pumps are spring returned piston type pumps the piston is operated by pulling the cover handle. These pumps are suitable for manual centralized lubrication for light duty machines with lubrication points within 2-20 points.
Lubrication Fittings :

1. Straight Connectors                        8. Tee Block
2. Elbow Connectors                           9. Plugs
3. Benjo Connectors                           10. Pipe Clips
4. Connector Block                              11. Nylon Tubing’s
5. Elbow Block                                       12. Locking Screw
6. Metering Cartridges                       13. Manifolds
7. Junction Blocks                                 14. Metering Valves

Brentford Mechanical Oil Lubricator :
These Lubricators are specially designed for use in industrial, marine & locomotive equipment. Our product is ideal for use on steam & diesel engines. Sugarcane crushers, presses, mechanical handling plants & many similar application where the lubricant to be used is oil. The oil reservoirs are available in two sizes, 1.5ltr for use with bodies having from2-10 pump units & 4 ltr for use with bodies having 6-20 pump units.
Rotary Gear Oil Pump :
This Pump assembly generally comprises of a 3 phase motor TEFC class ‘B’ which is coupled with the rotary mini pump. An ‘L’ bracket is tightened in between the pump, adaptor & bell housing of motor by means of four screws for the mounting of the whole motor pump assembly motor is generally fan cooled. Motor is coupled with the pump by a star coupling ensuring no twisting, slackness & slippage of two rotating shafts of pump & motor respectively.
Electronic Timer :
On Time - 5 sec (fixed)

Off Time - 5-30 min (Adjustable)
On Time - 5 sec (fixed)

Off Time - 60-240 min (Adjustable)
ET 2-30/2-60
On Time - 2-30 sec (Adjustable)

Off Time - 2-60 min (Adjustable)
Electronic Controller :
ECW 2-240
On Time - 5 sec (fixed)
Wall Mounting
Off Time - 2,4,8,15,30,60,120,240 min (Adjustable)

With lubrication fault and low oil level sensing

ECP 2-240
On Time - 5 sec (fixed)
Panel Mounting
Off Time - 2,4,8,15,30,60,120,240 min (Adjustable)

With lubrication fault and low oil level sensing

ECP 2-240 TC
Controller built in Contactor
Panel Mounting

VIJAY  Pneumatic Oil Pump  :
This pump can be mounted on a standard 200ltr oil drum. The pump can deliver upto 14ltr, of oil per minute at 35 kgf/cm2 pressure. A compensating vessel at the outlet of the unit reduces fluctuation in the oil output. A bung adaptor is provided to fix the pump on the top of barrel & a hose reel can be connected to the delivery side of the pump if required.
Pneumatic Oil Transfer Pump :
This pump is used to transfer any grade of oil from barrel to another container at 20-25 ltr of oil per minute and a working ratio of 1:1.
Constant Oiler :
This constant oilers are specially designed to suit the requirement of pump, gear box, machine tools, motors, drives & other equipments where maintaining of oil level at constant is mandatory to achieve maximum output from those equipments. This oilers are mode out of poly-chem polyster clear material, with alluminium Base Standard threading available are 1/4"BSP 3/8"BSP and 1/4"NPT Constant oilers with jali is also available.

Constant Oiler V-4 & V-8  :
This constant oiler consists of a polycarbonate (PC) dome with suitable alluminium alloy base & elbow to fit your equipment. PC has the advantage of extraordinary impact strength, excellent clarigy & good temperature range (110*c)

Drop Feed Oil Lubricator :
This oilers are single point lubricators & are mounted directly on the lubrication point. These oiler dispenses oil by gravity from transparent reservoir through Needle valve. The needle valve is joined with toggle pin by which the operator can on/off the flow manually. These oilers are available in different thread sizes operator 1/8"BSP, 1/4"BSP and 3/8"BSP.
Oil Level Indicator:

A] L' Shape Oil Level Indicator :
This 'L' shape oil level indicators are available in Brass, M.S. with chrome plating and transparent body This oil level indicators overcome all limitation of monitoring oil level within gearbox with dip stick/oil sight window. Transparent body indicators provides a clear on line indication of oil level in gear boxes.

B] Oil Sight Window :
This oil level indicators are made out of alluminium & glass with hex body. This indicators are suited for gear boxes, pumps & hydraulic power packs.

C] Face Type :
Liquid level indicators, these indicators are available in 3",5" and 10" in size
Barrel Pumps for Oil :
This are hand operated rotary type barrel pumps with suction & delivery tube & bung nut for dispensing non-corrosive liquids of light to medium gasoline & various other oils, from barrel, drum or tank in industrial, commercial & agricultural application.
S.S.Barrel Pumps :
This are hand operated rotary type barrel pumps with s.s. 304/316 suction & delivery tube with s.s.casting. Internal parts of this barrel pumps are made out of Teflon. This pumps are used for solvents, acids & chemicals. This pumps are available in s.s.304 & s.s.316 quality.

Plastic Barrel Pumps :
This are all plastic rotary type barrel pumps for light chemicals with 1” discharge pipe.

Oil Cans / Cups / Guns :

A] High Pressure Metal Oil Cans (wesco type)

B] Metal Oil Cup With & Without Nickle Plating

C] Oil Gun Push Type